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American's are not allowed to wear what they want at school. Its not the nationality of people its the school. Most american SCHOOLS don't require the pupils to wear uniforms as a choice. Unlike british schools american schools are layer back education wise.

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Q: Why are Americans allowed to wear what they want at school?
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Should children be allowed to wear uniforms to school?

There are arguments for and against children wearing uniforms to school. Some people believe that uniforms promote equality and foster a sense of community within the school. However, others argue that uniforms restrict individuality and self-expression. Ultimately, whether children should wear uniforms to school is a decision that may depend on the specific values and goals of the school community.

Why aren't male teenagers allowed to wear tuxedos to school dances or school graduations?

they are allowed your school is weird

Is it ok to wear makeup to school?

You should only wear makeup to school if your parents approve and it is allowed by the school.

Are girls allowed to wear hats to school?

no they are not

Are you allowed to wear leggings to school?

It depends on the dress code policy of your school. Some schools allow leggings as long as they are not sheer or revealing, while others may prohibit them altogether. Check your school's dress code guidelines to see if leggings are permitted.

What is the present in the school district not allowed to wear hats in school?


Are french allowed to wear makeup at school?

There is no specific rule prohibiting French students from wearing makeup at school. However, individual school policies may vary, so it is best to check with the school's dress code or regulations to ensure compliance.

Are you allowed to wear screw in cleats in high school?


Why does children don't want to wear school uniforms?

Children may not want to wear school uniforms because they prefer expressing their individuality through clothing choices. Uniforms can also be seen as restrictive or uncomfortable. Some children may also feel that uniforms do not reflect their personal style or make them stand out.

Should kids be allowed to wear hoodies in school?

Kids should be allowed to wear hoodies in school, many school don't have a problem with it but some may due to past experiences with troubled children bringing things.

Should students be allowed to wear uniforms?

NO because student cant wear what they want

Can you wear flip flops to school?

in davenport Iowa in elementary you can NOT wear flip flops to school on the other hand if you are in middle school or high school you are allowed to wear flip flops same with the head bands