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Q: Why are Korean money significant?
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What is Korean money called?

It is the won.

What is the name of Korean money?

The name of Korean currency (money) is Won.

What date was the Korean War and who was a significant part of it?

Google it, nimrod.

What is the symbol Korean money?

The monetary symbol for Korean Currency (Won) is ₩

What were one or two Significant battles of the Korean War?

Battle of inchon

How much is Korean money worth?

a Korean won is worth 1.152 won for every USD

Significant people inthe Korean War on the US side?

General Douglas Macarthur

What is Korean ratio in money to us dollars?

for every 1 us dollar it is 1144.29 Korean dollars.

Where can I find pictures of Korean money?

Google Images

How much money was the Korean war?

$430 billion

What does north Korean money look like?

it has chickens on it

What is South Korean money called?