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Student councils help to make important decisions in the school. They may not be as powerful as the school staff, but they can do a lot to make a difference.

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It teaches kids about politics and encourages leadership in the community

Also a child may be more comfortable with talking to student about a problem in there school

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Q: Why are Student Council important?
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Student council election speech?

The student council election speech should be all inclusive. It is important for the winner to thank all his supporters and reach out to the rivals.

How do you spell tresher for Student Council?

The correct spelling is "treasurer" for the position in Student Council.

When was Best Student Council created?

Best Student Council was created in 2005.

A student council is an example of?

A city council

What is the password in woozworld to enter Student Council?

Only student council and teachers know it.

When was UNIMAS Student Representative Council created?

The UNIMAS Student Representative Council (SRC) was created in the year 1991.

How can you get voted for student council?

Just wright a really good speech saying why you would be great for student council.

Student council why do you want to be a student council representative?

If you are student council rep, it gives you power to control the future of the school, but not that much. its just more of a popularity contest and people want to prove they are popular.

What are the release dates for Student Council - 2011?

Student Council - 2011 was released on: USA: 30 May 2011 (limited)

What is the motto of Hawaii State Student Council?

Hawaii State Student Council's motto is 'The Life of the Land is Perpetuated by the Youth.'.

What does a student council Historian do?

a student council historian is a child you takes photos of there school. they also are in charge of the school newspaper.

What is student council part of?

Student government.Student government.Student government.Student government.