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Q: Why are Sumatran tigers becoming Extinct?
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Are the Sumatran tigers extinct?

No. There are about 400 wild Sumatran tigers left.

What would happen if Sumatran tigers became extinct?

It's prey would over populate.

Are Sumatran tigers the smallest tigers?

Yes, the Sumatran tigers are the smallest tigers in the world.

Why are animals becoming extinct because of climate?


What is becoming extinct or rare?

white tigers, kiwis

How do you spell Sumatran tigers?

Sumatran Tigers, you have spelt it correctly.

Can you name some of the many different tigers?

The tigers that aren't extict are: Bengal,Sumatran,Siberian,Indo-Chinese and the Chinese may be extinct it may not.

Where are the Sumatran tigers at?

Sumatran Tigers are living on Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

Why are White Tigers becoming extinct?

people are hunting them for there fur

Why sould you stop hunting tigers?

because they are becoming extinct.

Why is the sumatran endanged?

Sumatran Tigers are endangered because of the hunting of humans so that they can sell the Sumatran Tigers fur.

Why do Sumatran tigers reproduce?

Sumatran tigers reproduce to keep the species alive.