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There are many theories why all clock or watch advertisement show the hands at 10 o'clock and 10 minutes. The most popular answer is because the both hands look like the clock or watch has a 'smile face' on its instead of a frown (when shown at 8:20). It also frames the manufacturer's trademark if it is printed just above the center pipe. This is all makes sense when you think about the emotional marketing perspective. Manufacturers want you to see their product actually 'smiling' at you!

Answer #2It started with analog clocks (the ones with the hands). 10:10 is when the little hand is on the ten and the big hand is on the two. It forms a check mark, which psychologically makes you want to buy a clock.

its also said that it forms a V whisch stands for victory and looks good!

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I was in math class and we were learning about "The Golden Angle" which is the angle at which most watches are set in commercials because the golden angle is supposed to be pleasing to the eye.

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In order that the company label is clearly visible with the minute and hour hand position, two shapes are possible: one that signifies 10:10 and the other that signifies 8:20.

Since 8:20 depicts rather a sad emoticon, 10:10 that displays a smiling emoticon is chosen.

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Q: Why are all clocks watches set to 1010 when advertising?
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