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because we are blessed, dont question it.

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Q: Why are are Saturday and Sunday called weekends?
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Weekends are Sunday and Saturday right?

Yes. Though usually it is said "Saturday and Sunday".

How do you spell the weekends?

Depending on the part of the world you are in, Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

How many weekends were there in the month of October 2009?

Well, there were 4 full weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and there was a Saturday at the end with no October Sunday (Sunday was November 1st). I would call it 4 and 1/2.

Is this correct at the weekends?

No, the correct phrasing is "on weekends" or "at the weekend."

How many months have 5 weekends with Friday Saturday and Sunday?

October 2010 July 2011

What time does dicks sporting goods open on the weekends?

It opens at 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday

How many weekends are in 44 days?

It depends on where you start. If you define Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, then starting on a Saturday thetre would be 8 weekends in 44 days, but if you start on a Monday there would only be 6 weekends in the 44 day period.

What is the meaning of the word weekends?

Weekends typically refer to days not included in the working week. These are typically Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week would be considered weekdays.

Why is Easter on a Saturday?

It's not on a Saturday it's on a Sunday which is why it's called Easter Sunday.

Why is Forever The Sickest Kids' new album called The Weekend Friday when the weekends consists of Saturday and Sunday also?

The people who made the album think that Friday is apart of the weekend

What does your mom do on the weekends?

Saturday morning , grocery shopping , evening ? idk im never home. Sunday: clean ,

Is sunday a work day in china?

No. Saturday and Sunday form the weekend in China. However, most lower class jobs in China do not give weekends off.