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Why are basketball hoops ten feet tall?

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it is because most Basketball players are over 6 feet tall and have long arms as well so if the rim were any lower it'd be extremely easy for players to make baskets.

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How high are the basketball hoops at an NBA game?

Basketball hoops that the NBA use are ten feet high; however, basketball hoops on playgrounds and other places as such are shorter. Basketball ball hoops can also be bought in adjustable sizes.

What are the different heights of different ages of basketball hoops?

regulation height of any basketball court men and women is ten feet.

How tall is a Basketball?

the hoop is ten feet Yeah but the basketball itself is about 1-2 feet :)

How tall is a official sized basketball hoop?

Ten feet tall.

How tall is a NCAA basketball hoop?

Ten feet.

How high is a basketball hoop for highschool basketball hoop?

the hoop is ten feet tall from the floor to the rim of the basketball goal.

How tall is the goal in girl's basketball?

height school girls is ten and a half feet

How long is a basketball hoop?

a basketball hoop is ten feet high

What is ten yards tall equal how many feet tall?

30 feet

What is the height of the basket in men's basketball?

ten feet

How tall is a carnotaurus?

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How tall is ten feet tall?

3.048 metres.

How far is it from the rim to the ground on a basketball goal?

The basketball rim is ten feet from the ground.

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How tall are goalposts?

10 feet tall

How high is the basket in a normal basketball game?

Ten feet.

Official height of the WNBA basketball hoop?

Ten Feet

What is the standard height of an WNBA basketball goal?

ten feet.

How high is middle school basketball goal?

Ten Feet

How tall are the rims in the nba?

Ten feet.

Is jack gilardi ten feet tall?


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How tall you ten feet in meters?

10 feet is 3.048 meters.

Was the basketball hoop always raised ten feet?

That i know of yes it was

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