Why are bats blind?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Listen, bats in fact are not blind. That saying ''You're blind as a bat'' is not true. Bats have really good eyesight.

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Q: Why are bats blind?
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Are fruitbats blind?

No, fruit bats are not blind.

What kind of eyes do bats have?

most bats r blind blad. so blad bats are bling ennit bats r blind but blad som ain't ennit blind bats need to get ta Specksavers ennit blad cause if ya don't get there blad de bats will be blind ennit. from GaNgStErBlAd ;P

What is the origin of the idiom as blind as a bat?

When people saw bats fly into walls and/or narrowly miss them. People figured bats were blind and they were right. So whenever someone bumped into a wall, they said they were as blind as bats.

Do vampire bats have ears?

Yes! they have to because all bats are blind :)

Why do Some bats use echo location?

because bats are blind

What type of animal is the most color blind?

bats are the animal that is most color blind.

Can bats see or are they really blind?

They can see.

How Blind are bats?

50 40 100

Why do bats have eyes if they are born blind?

Bats arn't born blind! They just have very bad eye sight. actually bats can navigate around quite well using echo location

If bats are blind how do they hunt?

First, bats are not blind. Contrary to popular belief, scientific facts have shown that bats have poor eyesight, but aren't blind. Bats use echolocation. The bat emits an echo, or 'screech', then the screech bounces off of the prey, and then the bat hears the screech that bounced off from the prey, and then it catches the prey.

Why do people say blind as a bat?

Well as people think bats are blind because they often bump into people they acually see better than people. As people thinking bats were blind for many years people used the phrase even after science proofed bats weren't blind! They told it to people who were clumsy or needed glasses!

Are bats eyes sharp?

Bats eyes aren't sharp at all!Bats are blind and sense their food with motion.