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Honey bees are 'social' insects because they live in 'societies' or colonies of many thousands of individuals, where each member of the colony performs different tasks for the greater good of the colony as a whole. Honey bees would be unable to survive without the rest of the colony.

This is not true of all bees, some bumble bees live a less social life, living alone, or in very small groups.

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Q: Why are bees classified as 'social insects'?
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Why are bees classified as?


Responses of insects such as the social behavior of bees are controlled by what?


Insects that live in colonies and have special jobs are called what?

These are social insects - such as ants, termites and bees.

A group of social insects?

You need to elaborate more with your question. A group of social insects are when they live together...An example are honey bees.

What insects is known as a social insect?

bees and ants are the most common

What are some social insects?

Social insects include ants, termites, bees, and wasps.A2 These insects form colonies in which individual members have allocated tasks of benefit to the colony.

Why are honeybees called social insects?

Honeybees are called social insects because all the bees in the community have to work together to be able to survive.

What insects give acid stings?

The only insects that can truly sting are bees, wasps and ants, and then just the social species (living together in colonies).

What are some examples of social insects?

Ants, Bees and Wasps. The Order Hymenoptera.

Can bees be pets?

No. Bees are wild creatures even if they are kept in a hive by a beekeeper. They are also social insects and live in a colony with lots of other bees.

What are social insects?

Insects that live, work and coexist with each other. Such insects include ants, bees, hornets, wasps, termites, etc.

Does a beetle take care of its young?

No, most insects do not care for their young. Only the social insects like ants and bees do.