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Black panthers are not extinct yet but they are endangered.

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Q: Why are black panthers extinct?
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Why are black panthers going extinct?

Black panthers are, for one, not a species unto themselves. Black panthers are either black leopards or jaguars. Neither cat is in any immediate danger of extinction.

When will the black panthers be extinct?

Black panthers are merely black specimens of the jaguar, or leopard as well. Black specimens can appear at any time.

What are the dangers of black panthers from being extinct?

I think the dangers are that the black panthers are getting hit by cars,hunters ,and dying of starvation

Are black panthers extinct?

The black panther is not a single species. It may be a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. Neither species is extinct.

Are black panthers going extinct?

Black panthers are not a particular species but, rather, melanistic (black) morphs of either the leopard or the jaguar. Neither species is endangered.

What would happen if black panthers go extinct?

Black panthers are either just black colored leopards or black jaguars. Neither leopards nor jaguars are endangered, but if both species went extinct, it would leave a gaping hole in the predatory end of the ecosystem.

Are panthers extinct?


Why are black panther's becoming extinct?

Black panthers are merely color phases of the leopard and jaguar, and neither species is considered endangered at this point.

Are there any black panthers?

Panthers are black...only black.

Are black panther almost extinct?

Since "black panthers" are really black specimens of leopards or jaguars, they are not close to extinction. Can appear in a litter at any time of these cats.

Are leopards and black panthers the same?

Black panthers are black leopards, and, black jaguars.

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