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They both have 1 outer electron which they would like to lose.

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Q: Why are both hydrogen and cesium s-block elements?
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Does cesium contain hydrogen?

No. Cesium and hydrogen are both elements. No element contains any other element.

Which can of soda explodes the most?

Cesium and Potassium are both elements that explode in Water!

Is hydrogen in oxygen?

No. Hydrogen an oxygen are both elements. Elements do not contain other elements.

Does hydrogen contain chlorine?

No. Both chlorine and hydrogen are elements. Elements cannot contain other elements.

What elements are found in both carbohydrates and water?

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen. Sugar contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Is sulphur and hydrogen an element or a compound?

Sulphur and Hydrogen are both elements.

What elemets are H2O?

the elements in h2o are two hydrogen particles and one oxygen particles. hydrogen and oxygen are both elements.

Is hydrogen a element of sulfur?

No, both hydrogen and sulfur are elements. One does not contain the other.

What do Hydrogen bombs and stars both produce energy with nuclear?

The term is nuclear fusion, where light elements (usually hydrogen) fuse to form heavier elements.

Are water and salt examples of elements?

No, they are both compounds ... made up of the elements Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chloride.

What elements are in a star versus a nebula?

they both have the same element. which is hydrogen and helium.

Alkanes and Alkenes both contain only what 2 elements?

Carbon and hydrogen.