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Because there is no need. The Bible is a guide for us humans, The word of God, and it is meant for us. Cats do not need to know how to get to heaven. Yes, they do mention other animals but not in the way one would think of mentioning a cat. Cats can be precious to us but they are not a necessity. The Bible is filled with things we should and need to know, it is a very important book and there is simply no reason for it to be mentioned in the Bible if it were then they would be mentioned.... hope that helps =)

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Q: Why are cats not mentioned in the Bible?
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The actual word "cat" is not in the King James Version of the Bible. However, specific types of large cats, such as the lion and the tiger, are mentioned. Domesticated cats are not mentioned in the Bible, although they did exist in ancient Egypt.

Are cats mentioned in the bible?

No. -- extra -- There is no direct mention of cats in the translated Bible. It is known that the Israelites distrusted everything associated with the Egyptians, who ruled over them. The fact that the Egyptians held cats in such high esteem encouraged the occupied population to despise them almost as much as they hated the occupiers, so this may be the reason why they are not mentioned in the Bible.

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