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Q: Why are clusters of stars given names?
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How are distances estimated by studying stars and clusters and the galaxy?

the space from the planet the stars or clusters

Which region contains the most stars in the HR Diagram?

Several regions of the HR diagram have been given names, although stars can occupy any portion. The brightest stars are called supergiants. Star clusters are rich in stars just off the main sequence called red giants. Main sequence stars are called dwarfs.

The brightest stars in aging globular clusters will be?

The hottest stars. Generally, globular clusters contain mainly old stars, population II stars

What are clusters of stars?


Why constellation are not members of solar system?

Constellations are much, much, much larger than our solar system. They are actually clusters of stars and galaxies that appear to form shapes which over the centuries have been given names by us.

The milky way galaxy has 158 star clusters that orbits in space if each of these star clusters contain 100000 stars how many stars exist in these clusters?

The question contains the answer 100,000. "if each of these star clusters contains 100,000 stars, how many stars exist in these clusters" If you mean the total number, are you seriously saying you don't know how to multiply 100,000 by 158?

What you can see that is outside your solar system?

Stars, star clusters, distant galaxies, galaxy clusters, nebulae, ...

What are Clusters of billion stars?


What are star clusters made of?


What is the difference between the milky way and globular clusters?

Globular clusters are small groups of stars, while the milky way is a large galaxy containing hundreds of billions of stars, along with some of these clusters.

Are spherical clusters of stars tightly bound to each other by gravity?

supernova clusters - by nautica hudley (:

Clusters of billions of stars in space are called?