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Because the windows are ill.

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Q: Why are curtains called window treatments?
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Where is the best place to shop for curtains as window treatments?

There are numerous places one can shop for curtains to be used as window treatments. Macy's sell a variety of stylish window treatment curtains. In the UK Laura Ashely offer a high quality selection of such curtains.

Where can I find an online tutorial on how to install curtains and window treatments?

You Tube has a four minute video on how to measure for curtains and window treatments. The website offers a tutorial on window curtians.

Are blinds considered window treatments when buying a home?

Yes, blinds, curtains, shutters, valences, shades, and screens are all considered window treatments.

What is the best window treatment for a hoousehold with children?

Treatments such as blinds or curtains without strings are recommended for children.

Do any window treatments keep the cold out?

Yes many curtains are extra thick and can keep the cold out.

Do the Waverly or Eclipse brands carry black out window curtains that come with coordinating scarves?

The answer is yes: both Waverly and Eclipse carry blackout curtains that can be easily coordinated with matching or complementary styles of window scarf treatments.

What are the curtains called that you put on a 4 poster bed and where can i buy them?

The curtains put on a 4 poster bed are called canopy curtains. You can purchase them at most major department stores, home decor stores, or online retailers that sell bedding and curtains. Be sure to measure your bed's dimensions and choose curtains that fit accordingly.

What are some different types of kitchen window treatments?

There are several types of kitchen window treatments. You can have cafe curtains, that cover the bottom with a full curtain and has a valance at the top. You can just add a blind, or cover with a full curtain.

Are there some good websites I can go to that will give me information on how to choose the best curtains and window treatments for my decor and types of windows?

Sierra Trading Post has a great article on choosing window treatments based on your windows, decor and needs. You can read it at One of my favorite sites, has an excellant guide for choosing window treatments. You can see their advice at

What are window treatments and where can you find out more about them online?

Window treatments is the term used to describe ways that windows are covered functionally and decoratively. This generally includes blinds and curtains, which can be found at home decorating stores or home improvement stores.

What are some ideas for window treatment?

Window treatments can be decorative or useful to keep out light or to keep people from looking in. There are various kinds of blinds that look great and can be unobtrusive when not needed. Traditional window treatments include blinds and curtains. Decorative swags can add a nice touch.

Who makes black window treatments? sells black mini blinds and black vertical blinds. JCPenney carries black curtains.