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Why are default settings used in a computer?

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Default settings are used in the computer for the simple purpose of easy personalizing. Default settings are meant to please in the minimum of appearance if not the maximum. Otherwise they'd have to have one person set up each and ever computer made according to how he or she likes it.

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What term is used for pre established computer setting?

The proper term would be "default settings". This is the settings on your computer when you first buy it.

How do you use the word 'default' in a sentence?

The default speed was too slow for him.I need to restore my computer to the default factory settings.He won by default.

Correct meaning of default in computer language what is the meaning of default?

In computer Language the meaning of "default" would mean standard settings, but the actual word has a different meaning when used in a general sentence, for example : He won that game by default. When you use default in that sentence it states that he won by fault, either penalty or whatever, but that is what default actually means, yet in the computer language it stands for standard settings basically.

What does standard settings mean in computer terms?

default standing

When you first 7 your computer will use the settings for the appearance of your desktop?


What does resetting computer to factory settings do?

What this does is that it resets windows to default. Just like formatting your computer.

What should you do if you lose the settings saved in cmos ram?

Nothing, the computer will run fine on the default settings usually.

Why are default settings helpfull to users?

Default Settings is an extremely helpful feature of any operating system. Reason being is because default settings are the original settings that is a standard the computer can operate CORRECTLY by. Altering settings for your use is at your own risk, but if anything ever gets out of place or anything doesn't function properly due to a change or graphically default settings resets it to the program standards that at most cases are operational to users. To make it all short, if users need to reset options or forgot/messed with a computer setting, default settings make it helpful to correct those problems! Hope this helps!

Where does a computer stores its basic hardware settings?

it stores in default drive i.e C drive

Which are the default settings for a Windows XP computer network adapter?

DHCP and configured as part of a workgroup.

How do you switch default browsers on Windows?

You can switch the default browser by going in the settings. The settings have an option of making the browser as the default.

Why are the default settings for your hp printer different for two user accounts on the same computer?

I can only assume that the default settings were altered in some way by each user when installing the one printer into their own accounts.

What are default settings?

The original settings that the device came with.

Where is the settings on the iPhone?

a default app that says "settings"

Halo Combat Evolved PC how do you reset default settings?

Go to Settings > *Whichever one you edited* > And then go to reset default settings

The default document settings are stored in what type of template file?

the default document settings are stored in what template file?

How to unlock password on used Sony PSP?

go to settings and then go to restore default settings then the password should be 9999 or 0000 ^_^

What mean set up as default?

To set up a default means the settings of such device or computer is the original from when it was bought. All other alterations or changes that you made will all be erased.

How do you set default settings on Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox settings should save themselves. You shouldn't have to do anything to make them default.

What device is typically used as the default gateway for a computer?

the router interface closest to the computer

What is the use of bios in computer?

used to change settings

What are the default settings for a XP computer network adapter?

Sorry...I wasn't quite sure what you meant by that. Please try rephrasing the question.

Why does your computer dim when you plug it in?

Because it is now plugged into a power source and by default, your computer's power settings have it set to dim when charging.

How do you add music from a different computer to your iPod?

You simply change the settings of your iPod to "Manual". iPod default settings are set to "Sync", which causes music to be deleted automatically from your iPod when connected to a different computer. Plug your iPod into a computer. Under the "Devices" section, you will see the settings of your iPod. Click on "Music" and change the setting to Manual.

What is default setting?

default setting is the custom settings when you first open the page

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