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Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. Therefore, they cannot be broken by anything else.this is because it is a giant covalent structure each carbon atom forms four covalent bonds with its neighbours in a rigid giant covalent lattice.
Diamonds are used to coat drill bit points because the can thendrill through hard rock.

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Q: Why are diamonds used to make drill bits?
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Why are diamonds used in drill bits?

They are used in bits that cut stone or tile.

What can we make out of diamonds?

They are used to harden tools like drill bits etc, although they use synthetic

Why is diamond used in drill bits?

Diamonds are widely used in the tool industry to tip drill bits and to edge blades that cut tile, stone and rock.

What is the rod called that is used to make high speed drill bits?

It is called "Drill Rod"

Why diamond can be used as cutting tools and drill bits?

Diamond is the hardest natural mineral. Seventy-five percent of diamonds mined are used by industry to maximize the cutting ability of tools and bits.

What drill bits are used on stainless steel?

Cobalt drill bits are good

Why are diamonds used for cutting glass?

diamonds are harder than glasses... diamonds were considered as the hardest substances in nature...seventy-five percent of diamonds found are employed in industry, for cutting tools, drill bits and so forth.

Can mortising bits be used in a drill press?

Yes, mortising bits are made for drill press use.

What is the cheapest steel used to make drill bits?

High Speed Steel aka HSS

How do you organize drill bit equipment?

When I had a large shop I used to have 3 racks on the wall behind the bench drill press, one for standard drill bits, one for specialist drill bits and one for hole saws, Forstner bits and fly bits.

What products are manfactured from the diamond?

Diamond jewelery makes up about 25% of the use for diamonds, the remainder is used for industrial manufacture, including drill bits, and other tools.

Why do you think geologists use drill bits covered with small diamonds to drill into the earths crust?

Well, diamonds are hard minerals, and if they are used in a drill, it could help with the power given and make the course, and power of the drill increase. Diamonds are minerals and they are found in South Africa. You dig them up and they are contained in a rock called "kimberlite" after that you give the shape, size and polish the diamond. They may use them for other things, not only jewelry. They are also used in: Telecommunication, rock drill bit, mine shack..... This information is true, i will post more soon! ;)