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It is because the object needs to measure according to its matter. Object also has its significant figure that is capable only to the measurement that is fit to it.

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What different tools are used to measure mass and weight is because mass and weight are two different things

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Are the same tools used to measure weight and mass?

mass is measured with a balance comparing an unknown mass with an object of known mass. weight is not measeured with the same tools as mass.

What are the tools that are used to measure length volume mass and weight?

You measure length with a ruler, volume with a measuring cup, mass with a balance, and weight with a scale.

Describe how mass and weight are different?

weight is the measure of gravity fri

How mass and weight different?

Mass is a measure of matter, weight is a measure of force. Weight = mass x acceleration. In our case the acceleration is gravity, 9.8 m/s^2.

Are density and mass the same?

NO, mass is the measure of weight, and density is the measure of mass and volume divided my themselves. They are very different.

How is weight and mass different?

mass is the amount of matter in an object. Weight is the measure of force of gravity on an object

What metric units would be used to measure the mass of a your weight?

Mass and weight are two different things: you cannot measure the mass of your weight. That is like talking about the temperature of your height - it makes no sense.

Why is your weight on earth different from out mass on the moon?

You can't compare WEIGHT with MASS - those two are used to measure quite different things. It doesn't make sense to say that they are the same, or that they are different. You can only compare mass with mass, or weight with weight.

Weight is a measure of the quantity of matter?

Not so. The measure of the quantity of matter in an object is its mass. The weightof the same quantity of mass can change in different places and circumstances, butthe mass can't.

What are the common tools used to measure mass?

Scales. Mass can only be calculated for an object if its weight and the gravitational pull are both known.

What tools do you measure mass volume and weight with?

Balance Scale or Triple Beam Balance or Graduated Cylinder

What is 52.1 kilograms 115 weight in pounds divided by 2.2046?

No. 52.1 kilograms is a measure of mass, not weight. Weight and mass are measures of different characteristics.

What tools and units can be used to measure the weight and the mass of a book?

Try using a triple beam balance, or a electronic scale. The units to measure the mass of the book would be in grams.

Are the values of volume and weight same?

No; volume and mass are different characteristics with different units of measure.. Mass = Volume x Density

The units of measure for weight?

weight is different than mass in that the weight is the product of mass by the acceleration or gravity. So, weight is a force as pound force, kilogram force, ... etc.

What do weight and mass measure?

weight and mass measures the volume

What is mass and weight and why are they different?

Mass is the amount of matter that something is made of. Weight is a measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object usually by the earth. Weight can change but Mass cannot. Mass always stays the same

Why are different tools used ro measure mass and weight?

Mass balances for mass, Newton meters for weight (as weight is a force) are for everyday measurements and basic laboratory experiments as they provide sufficient accuracy and are less technical . For smaller masses mass spectroscopy is used to measure microscopic particles (though this is given in mass/charge ratio) as it is difficult to move a single atom. In space, where there is no gravity and in fact most devices only measure weight and convert this into mass by W= mg; mass is calculated using the spring oscillation formula which means time of oscillation squared is directly proportional to mass. Also mass and weight are not the same thing as one is a force and one is a measure of how much acceleration a force produces.

Is a pound a measure of mass?

No, it is a measure of weight, there is a difference (Mass is mass, weight is the force exerted by your mass being pulled down by gravity)

What are you measuring when you measure an object mass?

the measuring mass of an object is a kilo The easiest way to measure an objects mass is to measure its weight and then assume a constant and global acceleration of gravity (which is a false assumption by the way) and convert weight to mass. The conversion is easy as weight and mass have a simple relationship. Weight = Mass * acceleration so Mass = Weight/acceleration Mass can be measured a number of different ways but the simplest is using a spring that has a constant tension with length (Hooke's Law). The distance that such a spring is stretched is a direct measurement of weight.

How are mg and milliliter different?

Mg (milligrams) is a measure of weight or mass while ml (milliliters) is a measure of volume.

An objects mass is a measure of the force of gravity acting on the object?

No, mass is a measure of how much matter there is. Weight is the measure of force of gravity acting on that mass. A rock has the same mass whether it's on Earth or the Moon or Jupiter, or floating out in space. The weight for each of these situations will be quite different.

How can you measure weight?

Weight is the term for the mass times the acceleration. To measure that, you multiply the mass times the acceleration

Is mass directly propertional to weight?

Yes. Weight is equal to mass times gravity, so if you keep gravity constant (for example, measure different masses on planet Earth), weight is indeed proportional to mass. But if you compare measures with different gravity, you see that weight not only depends on the mass.

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