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Because they are reptiles that lived before history was recorded.

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Q: Why are dinosaurs named prehistoric reptiles?
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Facts about dinosaurs?

The important thing about dinosaurs that they were prehistoric LAN dwelling reptiles that lived millions of years ago

Were all ''prehistoric reptiles'' dinosaurs?

No way! There were thousands of species of reptiles that lived both during, before, and after the dinosaurs lived on earth. There were the synapsid reptiles, as well as the anapsid reptiles, which were mostly gone when the dinosaurs arrived. There were also many diapsid reptiles that lived during the time the dinosaurs did. Such species include deinosuchus, dimetrodon, gorgonops, Quetzalcoatlus, and rutiodon. Dinosaurs were not reptiles themelves. They evolved from reptiles, many had warm blood even feathers,

Which dinosaurs live in water?

No dinosaurs lived in water. The prehistoric reptiles that lived in water were the Plesiosaurs, not dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs belong to what group of animals?

Mainly reptile like creature but have a chance of them being a bird like dinosaur like micro raper it have feather but Dinos like saichania appear to not have feathers this question is unsloved

Why are birds described as glorified reptiles?

Birds are described as glorified reptiles because of their resemblance and relationship to prehistoric reptiles. Many theories in science believe that birds are descended from the dinosaurs.

What was the largest prehitoric aqua dinosaur?

There were no aquatic dinosaurs. Some prehistoric marine reptiles are mistakenly called dinosaurs. These include plesiosaurs, pliosaurs, icthyosaurs, and mosasaurs.

How long have reptiles lived on earth?

they have lived for billions of years they lived longer than dinosaurs.

What is the animals in the group named pterosaur?

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles related to dinosaurs.

Did dinosaurs evolve into reptiles?

No. Dinosaurs evolved from reptiles. Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Were prehistoric monkeys reptiles?

No, prehistoric monkeys were mammals like you and me (and modern monkeys). They were not reptiles.

Do scientists think dinosaurs are amphibians or reptiles?

Dinosaurs were reptiles.

Why were ancient reptiles replaced by dinosaurs?

What do you mean? Dinosaurs ARE ancient reptiles.

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