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The elements with similar properties are grouped together in families. They have same number of valence electrons.

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The type of element grouped on the left side of the periodic table is the?

Metals are grouped together to the left of the Periodic table.

What element is not grouped with others in a family?

Hydrogen is not in a group with other families. It actually is in group 1 of the periodic table. It is a diatomic atom when it combines with other elements.

How are the compounds on the periodic table grouped?

there are no compounds on a periodic table. only elements are placed in the periodic table and they are grouped by similar attributes

What controls an element position on the periodic table?

Atomic number controls its position in periodic table. It is grouped with the elements having same properties.

How is the periodic table grouped?

the periodic table is grouped according to similarities. when Mendeleev grouped his first periodic table they followed a pattern. any elements that contained similarities they were all put into the same column.

How are elements grouped in the periodic table?

They are grouped by similar characteristics

How are elements in the periodic table grouped?

they are grouped by their chemical properties

What are all the periodic table families called?

The periodic table families are called groups. There are 18 groups in periodic table.

What are the families of the periodic table?

Groups or families are the vertical columns on the periodic table. Periods are the horizontal rows on the periodic table.

Why are things grouped together on the periodic table?

-An element is placed in that group of periodic whose group number is equal to the number of valence electrons.

What is a family or group of element?

the vertical columns in the periodic table are known as groups or families.

What is an element in the periodic table?

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. There are approximately 118 elements on the periodic table.

What is the difference between groups and families on the periodic table?

families determine the energy level of an element and groups determine their properties.

What is the 8th element on the periodic table?

Oxygen is the eighth element on the periodic table.

What is the name of the element As in the periodic table?

The element abbreviated with As on the periodic table is Arsenic

What is eleventh element on the periodic table?

Sodium is the eleventh element on the periodic table.

What is the second element on periodic table of element?

The second element on the periodic table of elements is helium (He)

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