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They are decreasing because people on boats go to Antarctica and decreased the number of krill and fish and that's part of what penguins eat.

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Q: Why are emperor penguins numbers decreasing?
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Why did emperor penguins get their name?

Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguins.

Are emperor penguins dangerous?

Emperor penguins are not dangerous to humans.

Do Emperor Penguins Have nicknames?

emperor penguins doesn't really have nicknames there just called a emperor penguins or just a penguin. :)

Are emperor penguins birds?

Yes , Emperor penguins are a type of bird.

Why are Emperor Penguins called Emperor?

Emperor Penguins are the largest breeding penguin and they are large in size.

What are Giant Penguins?

Giant Penguins are emperor penguins:

Do emperor penguins come to europe?

No. Emperor penguins are restricted to the Southern Hemisphere.

How do emperor penguins welcome other emperor penguins?

they squak and sing to greet them

What are emperor penguins threatned by?

I think Emperor penguins are threatned by Global warming

What are baby emperor penguins called?

Baby emperor penguins are called chicks.

Why are emperor penguins called emperor penguins?

Because they are the largest breed of penguin

Are there emperor penguins in any zoos?

Yes there are Emperor penguins in some zoos.