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Burning sulfur = CO2

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Q: Why are enviromentalists angry about coal with a high sulfur content?
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How is pounds of sulfur dioxide per million BTU of coal calculated?

The sulfur content of coal and its heating values are not constant across all grades of coal. It would require information of type of coal, carbon content, sulfur content and ash content to even start the calculation.

What has the author R A Chapman written?

R. A Chapman has written: 'Coal resources and sulfur emissions regulations' -- subject(s): Coal, Coal mines and mining, Coal reserves, Sulfur content, Desulfurization

Which type of coal burns the cleanest?

Anthracite, as long as it has low ash and sulfur content

Why is carbon content important in the burning of coal?

The higher the carbon content, the better the quality of the coal. In any piece of coal, whatever isn't carbon is logically something else - usually sulfur compounds (that's pollution when the coal is burned).

What is the cleanest type of coal to burn?

Anthracite can be the cleanest of coals if it has a low ash and sulfur content.

Is sulfur a type of coal?

No. Coal is mostly carbon. Sulfur is an element that may be found in some types of coal, but it is not coal.

Why is sulfur an undesireable part of coal?

Sulfur is an undesirable constituent of coal because the primary use of coal is burning the coal to supply energy. Any sulfur present in the coal is usually converted, when the coal is burned, into an oxide of sulfur that can acidify rain water when it escapes into the atmosphere.

Why is bituminous coal considered clean burning?

Bituminous coal possesses a relatively low sulfur content, which causes it to burn more cleanly than some lower grades.

Burning high sulfur coal?

sulfur oxide

How you could reduce the sulfur in the fuel content to be used in the power plant?

If the fuel is coal, you simply have to switch to a coal with a lower sulfur content. You can remove the SOx from the flue gas with ammonia scrubbing. If the fuel is fuel oil a lower sulfur fuel oil can be used. Otherwise the oil must be treated in a hydrodesulfurization unit which is probably not economical due to the hydrogen required. If the fuel is natural gas, sulfur can be absorbed by absorption with a sulfur free amine such as MDEA (monodiethanolamine). The sulfur is later removed from the amine during the amine regeneration process which results in a sulfur rich stream.

What does burning high sulfur coal produce?

Sulfur oxides

How is sulfur dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels?

Sulphur is contained in most fossil fuels, it burns as well. Answer: Sulfur in fossil fuels is present as sulfides, disulfides and mercaptans. The followig ist is brief comparison of the expected (nonnumeric) amounts to be expected by fuel type: * Coal - Low to High Sulfur content* Bunker Oil - Low to High Sulfur content* Heavy Diesel - Low to High Sulfur content * Diesel/Furnace oil - Low sulfur* Gasoline - Low sulfur * Butane - Low sulfur (a few ppm as odorant )* Propane - Low sulfur (a few ppm as odorant ) * Methane - Low sulfur (a few ppm as odorant ) * Natural Gas - Low sulfur (a few ppm as odorant ) * Sour Natural Gas - High sulfur* Refinery Off Gases - Low to High Sulfur content