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Water is conductive and can thus aid the fire instead of the extinguishing thereof. Type C extinguishers is made especially for electrical fires and can thus be used. In computer server rooms or laboratories with sensitive equipment, you do not want to release a dry powder extinguisher, so use a CO2 extinguisher in those places

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Water type

- the electrical current can go up the stream of water and electrocute the user.

Same as urinating on electrified rail lines.

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Q: Why are fire extinguishers not used on electrical fires?
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What is halon fire extinguisher used for?

Class A fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by "ordinary combustibles" aka paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc.Class B fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline and oil.Class C fire extinguishers - used for electrical firesClass D fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by explosive or flammable metals (most commonly found in laboratoriesClass K fire extinguishers - used for fires found in commercial kitchens

What is the fire extinguishers co 2 used for?

The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can be used on electrical fires, where there is a danger of an electrical shock if a soda water extinguisher was used.

What are fire extinguishers best used for?

Fire extinguishers are best used on incipient (at the beginning) fires.

Class D fire extinguishers may be used on all fires.?

False class D which i think is dry powder can only be used on electrical fires.

What are fire extinguishers be used for?

FIRE extinguishers are used to put out fire.

Can Halon fire extinguishers be used on electrical equipment?

Yes, Halon fire extinguishers can be used on electrical equipment- and in fact are often recommended.

Can you use a foam fire extinguisher on electrical fires?

Foam fire extinguishers are used mainly for flammable liquid fires and are mostly used by professionals and in commercial and industrial settings. These extinguishers are charged with anther AFFF, FFFP, or AR-AFFF, however, these class of extinguishers are only rated class A & B fires and are hazardous to the environment, humans and animals in addition to being very corrosive.

What equipment can be used for an electrical fire?

Class C fire Extinguishers

Which is not a rating fire extinguisher?

class D fire extinguishers may be used on all fires?

What gas is used to put fires?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the gas often used to put out fires, especially in fire extinguishers.

What types of fire extinguishers are safe to use on electrical type fire?

Extinguishers with a Class C rating (C can be used on Currents)

Is safety equipment like fire extinguishers and fire blankets used to prevent accidents?

No, not really. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are used to stop fires. The "accident" would have already occurred, starting the fire.