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The purpose of NSTP is to promote citizenry of Filipinos. Expatriates will become no more a citizen by completing NSTP therefor it is outside the scope of NSTP to include foreign students.

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Q: Why are foreigners not required to take up NSTP?
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Why foreigners are not required take up nstp?

Because according to Presidential Decree No. 1706, otherwise known as the "National Service Law", NSTP has made national service obligatory only for all Filipino CITIZENS, that is, people having the Filipino nationality.

Why are foreigners not required to take up national service training program?

because they already finish taking military training in their country\

What if the nstp cannot be taken up during regular semester?

If you can not take the NSTP during the regular semester, you will need to speak to your counselor at your school. The student advisor can point you in the direction as to when you can take it.

What if cannot take NSTP during regular semester?

i need an answer please... What if nstp cannot be Taken Up During REgular class What will be the effect for the students?

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Why female students are now required to take up NSTP?

It offers non military options to women that can instill civic consciousness and patriotism in young women. Women are citizens as much as men and during a crisis can play a part in helping their nation. Additionally, it instills discipline among students.

How is the NSTP taken up?

Each of the NSTP components shall be undertaken for an academic period of two (2) semesters and credited for three (3) units per semester with 54 to 90 training hours per semester.

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