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Why are fossil fuels important?

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Most of the world's electricity and transport relies on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). On the down side, the burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2) which is causing global warming. This is why countries are hurrying to move to renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen).

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What are the important fuels?

natural gas,fossil fuels

Why is it necessary to find alternatives to fossil fuels?

It is important because one day we all will run out of these fossil fuels & if we run out of these fossil fuels our lives will be paused.

Why are some fossil fuels fossil fuels?

All fossil fuels are fossil fuels.

Why do you need to save fossil fuels?

as fossil fuels are very important as most of our vehicles work on fossil fuels once finished they only can be restored after millions and millions of years

Which are the three most important fuels?

the three most important fuels are fossil petroleum and nuclia

What role do fossil fuels play in the economies of Indonesia and Brunei?

Fossil fuels are the most important aspect of their economies. Indonesia is a member of OPEC and Brunei has become very wealthy because of fossil fuels.

Are fossil fuels or nuclear fuels cheaper?

fossil fuels

How are fossil fuels converted to fuels?

how r fossil fuels canverted to fuels

What statement about fossil fuels is not true?

Fossil fuels are clean burning and will not be bad for the environment. We will never run out of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are good for our health. These are a few that are not true about fossil fuels.

Why are fossil fuel important for us?

because it is the only fuel that gives electricity

What is the opposite of fossil fuels?

Non-fossil fuels, renewable fuels.

What is a sentence with the word fossil fuels?

Eventually, fossil fuels will run out.Fossil fuels cause a lot of pollution.

Which energy source is most important for cars?

Fossil fuels

What energy source is most important for cars?

Fossil Fuels

Why is oil the most of the fossil fuels?

becuase is important to the idustries

Will fossil fuels last forever?

.will fossil fuels last forever? why .will fossil fuels last forever? why

What is fossil fuels used for?

Fossil fuels are usd for when

Is fossil fuels a product?

Is fossil fuels a product?

Why is it Important that we find viable alternatives to fossil fuels for our electricity generation?

Basically two reasons.1) Fossil fuels won't last forever - we will run out of these fuels pretty soon. 2) Fossil fuels produce contamination, including filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

Why are fossil fuels so important?

The bulk of the world's home and office heating, modern agriculture, manufacturing, electricity production, and transportation is dependent on fossil fuels.

Why is it important to find alternative resources to use in the place of fossil fuels?

First of all fossil fuels are limited as to how much there is, and secondly they contribute to global warming.

Are all the fuels fossil fuels?

No Solar and wind power are both not fossil fuels.

What fuels are not fossil fuels?

There are lots of non-fossil fuels, fossil fuels are non-renewable, other fuels such as wind power or water power are renewable meaning they can be replaced, nuclear power and wood are also non-fossil fuels.

What are fossil fuels and how are they obtained?

fossil fuels can be obtained in tanks

Why are we still using fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels and uranium