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Q: Why are free masons called left footers?
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Is kesha a freemason?

yes she is .. But i think she left them .. Cuz in her new song '' wide awake '' you can read the lyrics and if you know about the free masons you will get it ,suddenly she's back watch the "dark horse" if you know about the free masons.

Are left footers in football good?

Yes because the WORLD BEST such as:Lionel MessiDiego Maradona

Are the masons what is left of the knights templar?

This is a popular opinion held by Masons and non-Masons alike. For an interesting treatment on the topic, I'd suggest reading John J. Robinson's book "Born In Blood". This book was written by Brother Robinson before he became a Freemason based on his own extensive research.

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Page set up generally refers to the margins (top, bottom, left, right) of the document. It can also include headers and footers, and possibly even paragraph formatting.

What groups were persecuted under the Holocaust?

The groups would be: Homosexuals Jehovah's Witnesses Political Prisoners (Those who went against the Reich) Gypsies Jewish Men and Women Slavs Ethnic Peoples' Soviet Prisoners of War Disabled and Mentally Ill The Political Left Free Masons Romani People

What were the Dutch settlers of Cape Town called?

Originally they were employees of the Dutch East India company but when they left the employ of the company they were called Vryburgers, literally Free citizens.

How do you get masons records on black ops?

1.Free yourself in main menu (press fire and aim button repeatedly for xbox and ps3 and shake wii mote and nunchuck for wii 2. Walk to the computer behind you ( only way is by turning left) 3. Access the computer and enter LOGIN code 4. Masons account is the default but if you are on another account enter amason for ussername and password for password. 5. Enter MAIL command to acces mail 6. Use DIR or LS commands to select a mail. 7. Stalk Mason

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It is called Stage Left or SL for short.

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What is the difference between an unbound report and a left bound report?

An unbound report does not have any pre-defined margins, headers, or footers, allowing for more flexibility in layout and design. On the other hand, a left-bound report typically has a fixed left margin, which helps in maintaining a consistent format throughout the report. It can be easier to align content in a left-bound report compared to an unbound report.

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Who ordered the builiding of the great pyramids?

It Pharaoh Khufu who ordered the building of the Great Pyramid during his reign 2589 to 2566BC. He did not do the actual work that was left to his architects, scribes, masons, quarrymen and thousands of naked slaves.