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They supply power to the spacecraft during missions.

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Q: Why are fuel cells so useful in spacecraft?
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Why is fuel cell so useful to spacecraft?

Without fuel, the spacecraft cannot launch.

Why are fuel cells so useful in spacecrafts?

Because they have enough energy or strength to make a spacecraft work

What a fuel cell is why is it useful in spacecraft?

a fuel cell is a cell that produces electricity they are used to provied power and water for the spacecraft so the space craft could'nt really survive with out fuel cells

Why is fuel so useful in spacecrafts?

Fuel is so useful to spacecrafts because without the fuel the spacecraft would not go.

Why is a fuel cell so useful in spacecraft?

they are used to provied power and water for the spacecraft so the space craft could'nt really survive with out fuel cells Because fuel cells do actually fart it's well documented. And they do a poo when they get tired! < SOOO TRUE!!

Why is fuel cells useful in spacecrafts?

so they can go out on mars and other planets

Why is fuel cells so useful in space craft?

because they are used to provide water and electricity for the spaceship... so very useful....

Why is hydrogen so useful in spacecraft?

because you can make roket fual with it.

Why are space rovers so small?

The larger and heavier something is, the harder it is to get into space. The more weight you put into a spacecraft, the more fuel you need. And on top of that, you need additional fuel to get that fuel into space, so the need for fuel increases exponentially with the weight of the spacecraft.

What is a fuel cell and why is it so useful in spacecraft?

because it is to do with other planets but mostly mars and galexy if we had the tehcnical difficultys in the balance of time, timeloards from doctor who would come back to life if we belived.

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Microscopes are useful so you can see cells.

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It is a group of cells. A lot of actions are done on many cells, so referring to a range is very useful. You could be getting a total of a lot of cells for example.

Can fuel cells for cars be mass produced cheaply?

Yes. Mass producing cars is not the problem. The fuel for fuel cells is too expensive, so far.

Why do modern spacecraft use helium instead of hydrogen?

Helium is much safer, so it is often used in balloons and blimps, not spacecraft.Hydrogen is still used as a fuel. Helium will not burn.

Are viruses useful?

yes very useful. Inert virii can be used to insert genetic material into cells so yes they are useful to a microbiologist.

What is the difference between an airplane and a spacecraft?

The simple answer is that an airplane and a jet use the air around us for lift. Spacecraft are designed to fly outside of our atmosphere so there is no air. They use powerful rocket engines to lift themselves into space. A spacecraft must be sealed for anyone to live in it. It must carry anything but fuel only its fuel but the oxygen to burn the rocket engines. An airplane can bring in air from the outside for people to breath and to burn the fuel it carries.

Is gravity used in space travel?

If you mean do any manned spacecraft use artificial gravity, the answer is, not so far. But, in the future, large spacecraft may create artificial gravity by rotating them. To conserve fuel, the gravity of the moon/planets is used to pull spacecraft toward them. And of course the gravity of earth is used to hold/pull on spacecraft so they orbit (circle) around it instead of flying off into space.

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Fractional distillation is used to obtain diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline and many others useful products.

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sorry i dont know, find a different website binlarden

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Why fuel efficiency is important?

Fuel efficiency determines how much useful energy you get out of each unit of fuel. If fuel efficiency drops you have to use more fuel to get the same job done. And fuel cost money, so you'll also have to pay more to get the same job done. And burning fossil fuels contributes to pollution, so with poorer fuel efficiency you have to put up with more pollution being released for thesame amount of useful work being done.

Why do space rockets carry a source of oxygen?

There is no oxygen in space, so spacecraft must carry oxygen with which to burn their fuel and, if they are manned, to allow the crew to breathe.

How much fuel does a spacecraft need to get to mars?

I'm not sure, but a manned trip to Mars would be nine months each way, so a lot would be needed.

Why do rockets carry oxygen into space?

There is no free oxygen in space, so they need to carry oxygen with them to allow their fuel to burn and, in the case of manned spacecraft, for the crew to breathe.

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