Golden Lion Tamarins (golden marmosets)

Why are golden lion tamarin extinct?

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They are not extinct, but are endangered, with only around 1000 left in the wild.

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When was Golden lion tamarin created?

Golden lion tamarin was created in 1766.

How do you help the golden lion tamarin?

You can join a nature group to help the Golden Lion Tamarin.

What are some websites on the golden lion tamarin?

Just go to Google and type in Golden Lion Tamarin.

What is the population of the golden lion tamarin?

The population of the golden lion tamarin is about 1,000 and they're an endangered species.

When was Golden-headed lion tamarin created?

Golden-headed lion tamarin was created in 1820.

Where does the Golden Lion Tamarin live?

If you are referring to the golden lion tamarin, they live in a small area of coastal forest in Brazil.

What sounds do golden lion tamarin make?

A Golden lion tamarin sounds like a bird but much higher in tone. (:

Where is a golden lion tamarin on the energy pyramid?

the golden lion tamarin is a first level consumer which is under the hawk and above flowers and plants.

How much does the golden lion.?

If you are referring to the golden lion tamarin, they weigh about 1.4 pounds.

What eats the golden lion tamarin?

hawks and other raptors, cats, and large snakes are just some of the things that eat a golden lion tamarin

Is the golden lion tamarin dangerous?

No, it is not.The golden lion tamarin is a species of small monkey, which is harmless and endangered (and cute).It is an endangered species because humans are dangerous and greedy. Humans are responsible for the poaching, trophy hunting and habitat loss of this peaceful and harmless monkey.Further ReadingGolden Lion Tamarin on the World Wildlife Fund websiteGolden Lion Tamarin on Wikipedia

What do golden lion tamarins live in?

Golden Lion Tamarin Monkeys live in the tropical rainforest.

What is golden lion tamarins weight?

The weight of a golden lion tamarin is 500 to 600 grams

What layer of the forest is the golden lion tamarin going to be found in?

The golden lion tamarin occupies the canopy layer of the forest, where they are safe from ground dwelling carnivores.

Do tamarins hibernate?

The Golden Lion Tamarin does not hibernate.

How endangered is the golden lion?

If you are asking about the Golden Lion Tamarin there are only a few hundred left in the world.

What does a golden tamarin look like?

type 'golden lion tamarin' into Google images, yahoo images or any other images.

A list of rainforest animals that are extinct?

Unfortunately, there are several rainforest animals that have went extinct over time. A few of the animals are the Mahogany Glider, Golden Lion Tamarin, and the Diana Monkey.

Were do golden lion tamarin live in the rainforest?

Golden Lion Tamarian live in the rainforest in trees

Does a harpy eagle eat a golden lion tamarin?

Harpy eagles diet includes golden lion tamarins.

What steps are being taken to keep the golden lion tamarin from going extinct?

they could have people coming to the habitat and looking on them and helping them how to protect themselfs

Need types of monkeys?

Golden lion tamarin is sweet

What hunts golden lion tamarin?

people of course =) but its sad that they do it

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