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Because it's cold up there. The atmosphere gets colder at high altitudes so the snow doesn't melt as quickly as lower altitudes. But why is it colder? Because the atmosphere is less dense than at sea level. This explains why the air is colder. But why is the GROUND colder? I presume because at sea level, there is an equilibrium (approx) maintained between the ground and the air, while higher up, the air is less dense and so the sun's radiation that arrives to the ground (mountain) is absorbed by the Earth and that ground remains cold enough to support snow. Is this correct, anyone?

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How much of Alaska is covered with snow all year round?

Only high in the mountains and on glaciers does it remain snow covered.

Features that have a very high elevation and sometimes is covered in snow?

The answer is mountains.

Should snow covered as an adjective have a hyphen?

In usual text, snow-covered would probably be hyphenated - otherwise the sentence could be misinterpreted - consider the difference between the concept of "snow-covered mountains" and the sentence "snow covered mountains".

What is snow-clad in spanish?

The term "nevada" means snow-clad or snow-covered, and the US state was named for its high snowy mountains.

What tall mountains are covered with snow year round in Europe?

The Alps are tall mountains that are covered with snow all year in Europe.

Why are high mountains covered with snow all year?

because they are so high up that it is so cold up there so when it snow it last for a long time.

Vast mountains of rock eternally covered with snow?

rocky mountains

What does the Andes look like?

The Andes are tall, rocky mountains that line the West coast of South America. The mountains have high, pointy peaks and are covered in snow.

Why are the high peaks of Himalaya always covered with snow?

I believe that the reason they are covered with snow is because of how high the elevation they have.

Where are the snow capped mountains in the UK?

The cairngorm mountains in Scotland are covered with snow in winter, spring and autumn. There is snow on the higgest peaks during summer.

Why does it snow on mountains?

At high altitudes, the air is very cold. So, in high mountains, any precipitation will fall as snow.

What country in North Africa has high enough mountains to have snow?

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are high enough to receive snow.

What is the name of snow covered mountains in eastern California?


These tall mountains are covered in snow year round?


What snow covered mountains is in eastern California?

Mt. Whitney

Mountains in the norht pole?

There are mountains in the North Pole. At Longyearbyen, the main gateway to the Norwegian Arctic, there are snow covered mountains.

What symbol is used for mountain peak?

two mountains covered with snow.

Why is the Sierra Nevada named the Sierra Nevada?

snow-covered mountains

Does it snow in mountains when it is hot in desert?

If the mountains are high enough, then some snow will fall on them, but it won't stay for long.

What snow-covered mountains run through Switzerland?

The Swiss Alps.

Where are snow covered mountains located in the US?

The Rockies, the Smokies in winter, the Sierra Nevadas, the giant mountains of Alaska.

What mountains remain snow caped all year?

The Himalayan Mountains are the highest mountains in the world. They are covered in snow all year from the altitude. The higher the point, the colder it gets. So, the Himalayan Mountains are so tall that the caps are snow capped all year.

Can you give me a predator in the high mountains?

snow leopard

What are some animals that live in the high mountains?

some animals that live in the high mountains are snow leopard and elk.

When did Nevada get its name?

Nevada comes from the Spanish "covered in snow" from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.