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Q: Why are infants and preschool children at hjgher risk for contracting a fodborne illness?
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The Masque of the Red Death contracting the illness?

Tuberculosis .

Should children eat mediumwell or rare meat?

Medium-well, certainly. Thoroughly cooking meat reduces the risk of contracting a food-borne pathogen, such as Salmonella or E. Coli, which can cause vomiting and horrendous bouts of diarrhea. Young children are especially vulnerable to food poisoning, and are among the most likely to die of such an illness. Admittedly, the probability of contracting a food-borne illness from undercooked meats is relatively small, but there's no reason to be gambling with the lives of children.

Does God forgive mental illness?

It depends on your religious beliefs but if you believe in a god then he/she/it gave you it, or at least did not prevent you from getting it. Therefore he/she/it cannot blame you for contracting it.

At what age are children most susceptible to illness?


How many of Martha's children died?

2 died of illness.

Why do pediatricians mostly deal with people?

Paediatricians are doctors dealing with children and childhood illness. Children are people.

What is the most life threatening illness for children in developing countries?


Should abnormal people have children?

Everyone has the right to have children whilst keeping in mind that mental illness can be heredity.

Did Whitney Houston have a childhood illness?

Besides the normal illnesses that children tend to get, there is no evidence that Whitney Houston had any childhood illness of any kind.

Is the croup a permanent illness?

The croup is not a permanent illness. Sometimes, however, children may get repeated episodes of the croup before they come down with a cold. Children do outgrow the croup, although sometimes they grow into having asthma instead.

When a classroom of children is exposed to a child with a contagious illness why don't all of the children become ill?

A healthy diet helps ammunity. The child may have already had the illness. And physically, a child may not have touched their face (which is highly unlikely).

Discuss How illness might affect a child's nutritional needs?

Children should avoid certain foods depending on the illness e.g. raw fruits and vegetables