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Insects are imp. because:

  1. they help in pollination.
  2. they act as decomposes.
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Are insects important?

Yes they are because we and some animals and plant life would not live!!

Why are insects important in plant's reproduction?

because the insects help in pollination .

Why are spadefoot toads important to the desert?

their important to the desert beacause they eat like all the flies and other insects and insects

Why are insects important in food chain?

If there wasn't any insects the things that eats insects, there would be too many.

Why are insects and birds so important to the plant world?

Birds and insects are so important to the plant world because they pollinate the plants. These birds and insects also transport seeds.

Why water conservation is important for insects?

because the insects forgot to drink water

What two insects are important for pollination?

there are three insects:beeswaspsbutterflies

Why are insects important to science?

insects are imp. to science in the evolution point of view

Why are leaves important to insects?

its their food

Why are hornets important?

Hornets, like other insects and animals, have an important role they play in the environment. These insects help to pollinate plants and to rid other insects such as mites, spiders, and flies.

Why is entomology important?

Entomology is the branch of zoology that deals with insects. One reason it is important is that without insects then plants might be extinct.

Why are birds insects and bats important to farmers?

Bats and birds eat insects that can harm crops.

Are insects important in food chains?


Why are insects important to a rainforest?

Insects are important to a rain forest because they are its backbone. They provide a source of food, break down debris, and constantly maintain the ecosystem.

Why is the study of insects important?

Insects are the most abundant animal on the planet, and they do many important things for Earth, such as pollinating plants and decomposing dead plants and animals.

Why are wings important to insects?

Some insects use wings at some stage(s) of their life to fly.

Why are insects birds and bats important to farmers?

because they kill all the bad insects,plants, or seeds.

How are halters important to insects?

because they can fly away

Are stick insects important?

they are important because they balance the animal kingdom by eating plants

Why are insects important in agriculture?

Insects help to pollinate plants, which can save quite a bit of money for certain farmers.

What is the importance of insects?

Insects are an important factor of the eco-system. Insects are known to eat debris and food that is left so the Earth is not over run with waste products.

What makes the amphibian important for the environment?

They eat harmful insects and small vertebrates.They eat harmful insects and small vertebrates.

Do insects absorb nutrients through their anus?

In insects important salts and water are re-absorbed by both the hindgut and rectum.

Why entomologist are important?

Entomologist are important ,because they study insects very well to find a solution to problems that insects cause. These solutions they find are for infestations of insects like mosquitos when the rain comes,for crops being ruined by these insects,and so much more.If we did not have entomologist then we would not have crops or cures just problems.

What are 5 important insects?

It depends what is meant by important. Ants, bees, beetles, flies, wasps, ...