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Q: Why are instrument in drafting is important in drafting?
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What are Common drafting tools and instrument?

the most common instrument are titi poke mo at iba pa :D

What is the most important part of drafting in Nascar?


What are importants of drafting?

Well, it helps get the exact measurements of stuff. For example, you can draw a perfect circle with the compass. Using the same radius, you get a perfect hexagon, diameter, or triangle by bissecting lines. :)

What are the major kinds of drafting?

Aircraft Drafting Ship Drafting/ Naval Drafting Structural Drafting SheetMetal Drafting Furniture Drafting Architectural Drafting Machine/ Mechanical Drafting Electronics / Electrical Drafting Topographical Drafting

Why drafting importance?

Drafting is important Because you have to check if your making mistakes along the way while you are writing your essays. its like proofreading but while your writing your essay.

What is the most important instrument in rock music?

To me the most important instrument in rock music is the electric guitar.

What important role did George Mason and James Madison do in 1776?

in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.

What is the most important new tool used by drafters?

CAD ( computer aided-drafting)

What role did DrAmbedkra play in the making of the Indian Constitution?

BR Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly's most important committee the drafting committee. As law minister in Nehru's first cabinet and chairman of the drafting committee,he had the basic responsibility of drafting and piloting India's present Constitution.

What is noting and drafting?

noting & drafting

Which was NOT an important keyboard instrument in the Baroque?


What is the most important instrument in mindanao?