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Q: Why are light beams falling along the optical axis of the concave lens not refracted?
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Where will a concave lens be the thinnest?

along its axis in the center

What is an easy definition of the optical axis?

An optical axis is a line along which there is some degree of rotational symmetry in an optical system such as a camera lens or microscope..

What term indicately the point where reflected light rays meet along optical axis?

A focal point is the point where reflected light rays meet along an optical axis.

What term indicates the point where reflected light ray meet along an optical axis?

A focal point is the point where reflected light rays meet along an optical axis.

Why can the refracted ray can also be the incident ray?

It only happens when the incident ray is shone at 90 degrees. The refracted ray will then travel along the same path as the incident ray. This is known as total internal refraction.

Modes for propagating light along optical channels?

Angle of reflection

Why is it necessary for amplifiers to be placed at regular intervals along an optical fiber when transmitting over long distances?

Some of the light injected by the optical transmitter is lost along the length of the fiber as the light travels. The optical receiver needs a minimum amount of light to function properly. Therefore optical repeaters must be installed at intervals along the path to keep the light level above the level needed by the last receiver.

Which types of electromagnetic waves can be used to send signals along optical fibers?

Only light is used to send signals along optical fibres. That's why this type of fibre is described as "optical". Fibres designed to conduct electrical signals are referred to as "wires".

How does the optical fiber work?

optical fibre use the phenomenon of total internal reflection.In optical fibres glass of high refractive index is coated with a thin layer of glass of lower refractive index .the rays of light entering through its one end strickes the interference between the 2 glass surfaces at an angle greater than critical angle .this ray will be totally reflected along the whole length of fibre. light can thus travel the length of fibre and emerges from its another end without loss of intensity.

A sing warned drivers about falling rocks along the street Sentence?

When driving in the mountains, you will often see signs along the street that warn drivers about falling rocks.

What are the advantage and limitation of optical disk optical disk?

Optical use a laser to read and write data .Optical disks have very large storage capacity but they are not fast as harddisk .There are major types of optical disk 1.CD-Rom 2 Worm 3.Eraser Advantage's optical disks has a very high storing capacity ,inexpensive has along life of at least 25 years .

What products are sold at Opticron?

Opticron sell optical devices of many types. Among these optical devices are monoculars, binoculars and telescopes along with tripods and mounts to hold these devices.