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Q: Why are mathematicians like airplanes?
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Why do you use model airplanes?

People use model airplanes because they like airplanes or the look of them.

What will future airplanes be like?

They will be like dinosaurs

Where can biographies and autobiographys about Mathematicians be found?

You can find biographies and autobiographies about mathematicians online at places like You can also find these books at your local library.

What does Miley Cyrus like to drink in Airplanes?

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What do mathematicians like to eat on Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin pi a ll mode

What mathematicians use fractions?

The smart ones who like exact answers.

Who are mathematicians?

Mathematicians are people who are 'experts' at Math.

What did Euclid and Eratosthenes have in common?

Both were mathematicians

Can you use ecigarettes on airplanes?

If you feel like it.

Did people like the airplanes when they were invented?


Information about 5 mathematicians?

Hom are the five mathematicians

What is the collective noun for mathematicians?

Collective nouns for mathematicians are:an addition of mathematiciansa nunber of mathematiciansa set of mathematicians