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You can use Math to predict and analyze things, only if you make measurements.

Without measurements, you can only describe.

You can also often use Math to test theories, if you can make the relevant measurements.

Math is less important (but getting more important all the time) in Biology, but you can't do much Physics or Chemistry without it.

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Q: Why are measurements importants in science?
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How does measurements relate to experimental science

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Science's proper measurements are the SI measurements, and ounces are customary which doesn't apply to universal science.

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If you are referring to the International System of measurements (commonly also called the metric system): it is important because all measurements are know to be the same and can be compared to a standard, no matter where you are. Also, the units are commonly used, and there are no ambiguous units (US gallon, Imperial gallon, ounce - is it volume or mass, dry quart or liquid quart are some examples).

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Yes ex-specially physic.

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