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Q: Why are menhaden cosiderate a keystone species?
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Is a tiger a keystone or endemic species?

It is a keystone species

Is sage grouse a keystone species?

The Sage Grouse is considered a keystone species.

Are bats keystone species?

Bats are not a species, they belong to the order Chiroptera. Some species of bat are endangered, but not all. Bats as a whole are not endangered.

In an ecosystem a large number of species are dependent of one particular species bird the species of bird is an example of a an species?

In an ecosystem, a large number of species are dependent of one species of bird. This species of bird is an example of a keystone species.

A large number of species are dependent on?

A large number of species are usually dependent on the Keystone species. The Keystone species usually regulates the abundance of the other species.

How do you use the word keystone species in a sentence?

The American alligator, gray wolf and gopher tortoise are all examples of keystone species. The loss of a keystone species will upset the balance of an ecosystem.

What keystone species live in tropical rainforests?

There are multiple keystone species that live in the tropical rainforests. A couple of these species are cassowaries and agoutis.

How would you experimentally determine whether an organism is a keystone species?

how can you expermentally determine if a organism is a keystone or a foundation species

A keystone species is a species whose presence does what?

A keystone species is a species whose presence has an influence on the size of the population of several other species in its community. A jaguar would be an example.

Are mosquitoes a keystone species?

A keystone species is one that other lifeforms in an ecosystem depend on. Mosquitoes are a keystone species because they are extremely low on the food chain, and if they were removed from an ecosystem, the food supply would be interrupted.

Can a species be both umbrella species and keystone species?

Yes, it is possible for a species to be both an umbrella species and a keystone species. Lemurs in Madagascar are an example of both a keystone and umbrella species. They are a keystone species because a certain kind of plant seed needs to go through their digestive system and be excreted before it's capable of germinating in the soil. They're also an umbrella species because their plight has been used in conservation efforts that have also helped other species that live in their habitat.

What is a species that influences the survival of many others in an ecosystem?

Keystone Species