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The short answer is movie theaters can make money being open on December 25 but most retail stores would not.

In the United States, retailers close their stores whenever they believe their consumer base will not be visiting their stores. When the population of the US identified themselves as primarily Christian and it was socially unacceptable to not be at church at the appointed times for services/meetings/gatherings, retailers would close their stores because everyone would be at church. This is why stores have only been routinely open on Sundays starting in the last few decades, and currently many stores are open only in the afternoon on Sunday. December 25 (Christmas Day) also falls into this category - most people (of any religious tradition, including no religion at all) spend December 25 with their families and won't be out shopping. However, movies are one way people spend time with each other, so enough people will see a movie on December 25 to make it profitable for movie theaters to be open that day.

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Are all stores closed on Christmas Day?

Yes, all stores in the entire world are closed on Christmas (Navidad).

Do grocery stores open on Christmas?

Most grocery stores are closed on Christmas.

What grocery stores are open Christmas Day in Washington?

Grocery stores are almost always closed on Christmas Day, but convenience stores are almost always open, and you can get some food items there. To find out if any grocery stores are open in your area, please call them and ask.

Is hollister open on Christmas day?

no. on christmas, most stores are closed. (;

Is meijer closed all day on Christmas Day?

Yes all meijer stores are closed on Christmas day.

What days are liquor stores closed for holidays in Massachusetts?

There are three holidays during which the liquor stores are closed. They are closed for Thanksgiving, Memorial and Christmas days.

Is petco open on Christmas day?

No. Almost all stores will be closed. Merry Christmas!

What are Food Lion's hours on Christmas Day?

In the past, Food Lion stores were closed on Christmas Day. The hours could always change for future Christmas days. You will need to contact your store for hours.

Target after Christmas hours?

Target stores typically have extended hours before Christmas and are closed on Christmas Day. The stores typically open at 7:00 AM the day after Christmas.

Is woodbury outlet closed on Christmas Day?

Yes most stores are

Can you buy alcohol in Tennessee on Christmas?

No, as most stores are closed for Christmas you cannot buy alcohol in Tennessee on Christmas Day.

Is Trader Joe's's open Christmas day?

all stores are closed on Christmas day according to their website.

What stores open on Christmas day in Chicago?

Jewel, in fact, is not open. They closed at 6pm Christmas Eve.

Is Walmart open on Christmas?

No. It is the only day of the year when their super centers are closed. Stores that are not super centers are sometimes closed on days other than Christmas.

What days are liquor stores closed for holidays in Delaware?

Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving

Are liquor stores open Christmas day in dallas tx?

no Of course, in 2011 Christmas is on Sunday so they aren't open. Also, in 2011 the TABC has ordered all liquor stores to be closed on the Monday following Christmas. They have also ordered the stores closed on the day following New Year's Day in 2012.

What are the Store hours for dollar general stores in Akron Ohio during Christmas?

Christmas Eve 7a-8p; CLOSED Christmas Day.

Are Albertsons grocery stores open on Christmas Day?

Albertsons: open until 9 PM Christmas Even, closed Christmas Day.

Is Meijer open Christmas day?

Most Meijer stores are open 364 days of the year. The stores are closed on Christmas Day. Many Meijer stores are open 24 hours a day.

What holidays are liquor stores closed in Texas?

Christmas Thanksgiving and new years day

What stores are open in Oklahoma City area Christmas day?

Most stores are closed on Christmas Day, but a few might be open. Convenience stores and gas stations are usually open, as are some Walgreens.

What stores are open on Christmas in Ann Arbor?

Not many stores are open on Christmas in Ann Arbor. Larger grocery chains are usually open, but smaller stores and family shops are generally closed to celebrate this holiday.

Are any grocery stores open on Christmas day in northern Kentucky?

Walmart is not open on Christmas only day were closed out the year

What days are liquor stores closed for holidays in Colorado?

Most liquor stores are closed for holidays on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. The days will vary from store to store.?æ

What stores in Las Vegas Nevada are open on Christmas Day?

Walmart....wrong walmarts closed

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