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Check your fuses.

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Q: Why are my 1993 Chevy silverado power windows and locks not working?
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How do you unlock door on 2000 Chevy Silverado no power locks or windows?


Remove door panel off 1996 Chevy Silverado truckvl?

What do I need to do to take the door panel off a 1996 Chevy Silverado? Pickup has power windows and door locks I need to fix inside door handle

What is the difference between a 1994 Chevy Cheyenne and a 1994 Chevy Silverado?

They are designations of trim levels. The Cheyenne is usually optioned only slightly better than a work truck with manual windows, locks and rubber floors but they are still options, The Silverado is the higher trim model with a higher base price and more standard features like power windows, mirrors, locks and carpet with bucket seats and alloy wheels. .

What is Chevy Silverado LT package?

The Chevy Silverado LT package includes numerous options that are standard. It comes with power locks, keyless entry, front lumbar support, heated mirrors, and an external temperature display.

How do you replace doors with roll up windows on a 1996 Chevy G20 van using doors with power windows and locks from a 2002 Chevy van?

I would not see any way of this working. Completely two different set-ups. You have the old Sportvan and are wanting to use parts from an Express van. To say nothing of the wiring, switches & relays to convert to power windows and locks with the right parts.

How do you reset the 98 Chevy Silverado anti theft device?

Try cycling your electric door locks with the key removed from the ignition.

How do you change the lock on a 1997 Chevy silverado truck driver door with power locks?

Should have access after removing inner door panel

Does the 1988 Chevy Beretta GT have power windows and power locks?

i just got my 88 beretta gt 2 days ago and it is great!to answer your question,yes the 88 etta gt does have power windows and locks

What causes all windows and door locks to start working intermittenly?

a loose or dirty electrical connection

What is wrong with 1993 Camry when all power windows and power locks stop working?

Check the fuses.

Does Chevy make a cavalier with power windows and power locks for a 1999?

I don't knw do any of u's knw wt it is

How do you remove the two front door panels on an 2003 Chevy silverado ext cab 2wd 5.3l v8 with power locks and windows?

this a few bolts @ the bottom they are hung on by clips take the power swites off then pull up towards the window

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