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they have been bred over hundreds of years to be the fastest. if a random non-racing breed popped out a super fast horse it could race after it proved itself.

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Can you ride a horse that is not gaited?

Yes, you can. Non-gaited horses can only go the four basic gaits, walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Gaited horses are horses that can do other special gaits, such as the pace, or the tolt. Only certain breeds do that.

Do quarter horses have any diseases in that breed only?

Nope. None that other breeds of horses don't have.

Are there only 49 breeds of horses?

No. There are thousands of different horse breeds. There may be only 49 common breeds, but there are many uncommon breeds such as the Abtenauer or the Auxois . Feel free to click on these links to find out more about them.

Do some breeds of horses only differ in colour?

Just one, the Palamino.

Is a Morgan horse warmblooded?

Technically, the only hot blooded horses are Arabians and Thoroughbreds. The cold blooded horses are the draft breeds. All other breeds are warm bloods.

Why can you only choose certain breeds on howrse?

what do you mean by certain breeds?? they have so many to choose from (although I know they don't have all of them) to get you extra points on the game you normally have to breed pure breeds

What horse is better for racing a Paint or an Appaloosa?

Since the Paint and Appaloosa are both "stock horses", meaning more western style, one is as good as the other. Both of these breeds have racing and their individual registries regulate their breeds racing statistics. In other words, Paints race only Paints and the same for Appaloosas. Most of the stock horses that are raced have large percentages of Thoroughbred in them. Paints, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses can all breed to Thoroughbreds and still be registered as purebred. This is allowed because these horses can all trace their bloodlines back to Thoroughbreds.

Can multiple breeds of horses participate in races?

i think only thoroughbreds can. but maybe others. Typically races are restriced to certian breeds, but some will allow other breeds to participate, like an annual race meeting of Thoroughbreds versus Quarter Horses and the like.

Do foxes have thick fur?

Some Do. Only certain breeds of fox

Which Country breeds the best race Horses?

Opinion only. France for Turf and US for dirt

What breeds are going to be REDONE on horseisle please answer the breeds that have been redone?

Only the admins and the people who re-do the horses know which ones are going to be done next.

Did carl lewis race a horse?

No. Jesse Owens raced horses and it was embarassing to him. Even as a Olypic hero it was the only oportunity offered to him to make money.

Are dogs 4 times smarter than humans?

Well only certain breeds

Are there any endangered horse breeds?

Yes. The prwezalski's horse is endangered. One of the only true wild horses.

Can only thoroughbreds race?

NO, people also like to race Quarter horse, Mules, Arabs and other breeds. No, most common race horses are thoroughbreds, but Quarter horses have also been known to do well. (There are many other breeds that race to.)

On howrse what two horses breeds do you have to breed to get a Purebred Spanish Horse?

You must already have a Purebred Spanish. Or you can buy a Purebred Spanish horse in the sales already purebred. It is impossible to make a breed or breed two breeds of horses to make another breed in Howrse. Only the Administration can make new breeds.

Why do cows have patches of black?

Not all cows do, only certain breeds. And it's all due to genetics.

How many bones in a horses body including the tail?

210 but some breeds only have 34 ribs in stead of 36 ribs.

Is it necessary to enter only registered breeds of horses for harness racing?

Yes your horse would have to be q registered breed to race.

How many horses can you have on red dead redemption?

There are 20 breeds of horses in Red Dead Redemption. Including the War horse, only obtainable though the limited edition of Red Dead Redemption. You can find and break all of these horses.

Why is selective breeding used in horses?

For some breeds such as Arabians, its to keep their pure bloodlines. Other times it will be because the person breeding may be looking for certain characteristics in conformation or a certain color.

How do you milk a sheep?

Only certain breeds of sheep are suitable for regular milking - you can either milk them by hand or machine

Can horses run or trot canter and galop?

Horses have 4 basic gaits: walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, and gallop. Walk and gallop are 4 beat gaits. Trot/jog is a 2 beat gait, and canter/lope is a 3 beat gait. Some horses can also pace, which can only occur in certain breeds, such as the Paso Fino. (Jog and Lope are Western)

What horse breeds are warm bloods?

Historically, the only two hot blooded horses are Arabians and Thoroughbreds. Cold blooded horses are all the draft breeds. Every other breed of horse is considered to be a warm blood. Answer2: The answer above is correct except for the fact that the Arabian and Thoroughbred are not the only two hot blooded breeds, this group also includes Anglo-Arabians (an established breed in france) Akhal-Tekes, Caspians, Marwaris, and Kathiawaris.

Why do dogs sleep on their backs?

Only certain Breeds of dogs do this, my dog is a cross breed and sleeps on his front, its only because they find it more comfortable