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Osprey are fish eaters, their heavily oiled feathers repell water when they hint, keeping the feathers from getting waterlogged.

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Q: Why are osprey feathers heavily oiled?
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How do birds dive under water and appear to not get wet?

The feathers are heavily oiled to repel water.

What are penguins covered in?

they are covered in feathers

Why heavily oiled birds would not be able to survive?

Coating the feathers of the birds with oil makes the feathers heavy and enables the bird to fly. It also makes the birds feel hot as when heat and oil comes into contact, their feathers and body will gain heat. This may also result to death.

How does an Osprey hear?

The osprey's ears actually look like holes in the osprey's head that are around the temples. The ears are covered in the osprey's feathers though.

What special features does a duck have?

webbed feet,oiled waterproof feathers...

How does the Osprey attract mates?

Just like any other bird, The males are born with more exotic more beautiful feathers to attract a mate. Osprey make noises and show off their feathers. After that the female will deside from there.

How an osprey's feathers insulate it in cold weather?

They dont insulate it,they have to migrate

Does a duck have slimy scales?

No. Ducks have oiled feathers and creased, leathery skin on their webbed feet. They are not scales.

How does an osprey defend itself?

Ospreys defend them selfs by erecting head feathers to look threatening, and striking the attacker with their talons.

Why scientists think osprey and penguin belong to the same group?

Because they are both birds and the have feathers and eat fish. i think.... hope i helped! :D

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