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more weight affects body temperature.

What is weight? It is a layer of fat covering not just your outer muscles, but also your inner organs. Fat is heavy. It's like having a blanket covering your entire body, the thickness of which can be measured with calipers. Considering that a) you are covered with a blanket of fat, and b) your muscles have to work harder just to move the rest of your body with this heavy blanket of fat... it's no wonder heavy people are warmer. In northern climates some people put on weight on purpose because it helps keep them warm. Animals do the same thing.

It's interesting that the temperature of your skin alone does not determine whether you feel cold or hot. It's your body's core temperature that is important. Blood at your skin cools off and returns beck to the core. Fat rewarms the cool blood, and it takes longer to feel cold. A skinny person has no insulation so the cold blood returns to the core and cools it off immediately.

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Q: Why are overweight people always hot and skinny people always cold?
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