Why are owls in my area?

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Q: Why are owls in my area?
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Which animals are predators in your animal's community?

In our area its owls and foxes

What level of ecological organization do all of the owls in certain area represent?

The level of ecological organization composed of all of the owls in a certain area represents a "population". A population refers to a group of organisms living in an area from the same species (similar to a niche).

How do you keep magpies off your house and yard?

Shoot Them! Or: introduce falcons or owls to your area.

What area is more stable for owls in the US NW or SE?

areas inaccessible to hunters.

How do owls survive in the desert what adaptations?

The types of owls that live in the desert are they type that were created for that habitat. Burrowing Owls are the most common owls that live in the desert area. they live in abandoned holes in the ground that were created by other animals, but they can dig if they need to. They feed off of bugs and small rodents.

How do you pass the level with two owls in the tree on full moon?

You can pass this level by getting the area of the tree where both of the owls disappear. This area is on the left side of the tree in the middle. Your mouse should turn into the little hand when you find it.

Are snowy owls the biggest owls?

No, the biggest owls in the world are The Eurasian Eagle Owls.

Are Butterfly owls the same species as Spectacled owls?

No Butterfly owls are acutally Butterflies. And Spectacled owls are real owls.

What animals do snowy owls compete with for food?

Owls eat various small-medium size animals, which puts them in competition with most predators in the area. These include arctic foxes, wolves, wolverines, various gulls, other owls, falcons, and eagles.

Why there are more mice than owl in an area?

Because mice reproduces rapidly but owls don't

How can you help save great horned owls?

you can plant a tree in a forest but not in a suburban or urban area !!

How can you get an owl?

In Bangkok, Thailand. There is a specific endangered species of owls known as "Ahuja" that dwells in this area.

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