Why are pants called pants?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Because Chuck Norris Is Your Mom <3

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Q: Why are pants called pants?
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Are skirts pants for girls?

No, skirts are not considered pants for girls. Pants are a separate category of clothing that cover both legs individually, while skirts are garments that typically cover the lower body but do not have separate leg openings. Skirts are often worn as an alternative to pants and offer different styles and levels of coverage. Search Wholesale05 in Google.

What are the football pants called?

I don't think football pants are called anything special, just pants.

What do you call the bottom of pants?

The bottoms of pants are called "Cuffs".

What is the fuzz that collects in a pants cuff called?

The word for the fuzz that collects in pants cuffs is called lint.

What are the pants called where they have the buttons down the legs?

break away pants

What are the thick comfy pants with schools names on them called?

I'm pretty sure that they are called the School Track Pants.

What are hockey pants called by hockey players?

Pants. Im a hockey player.

Why are pants called a pair of pants?

The have two leg sides,.......which is combined into a "pair" !

Are slacks also pants?

Yes slacks and pants are the same thing - in the US they are called slacks or pants - in the UK trousers .

What are denim pants called?


What is the fear of pants called?


What are those girls sweat pants with the red tags on the back?

They are called Hartail pants