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Why are parents evil?

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Parents are not "evil" they are protective over their children.

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Why is Robotnik evil?

He was raised to be evil by his parents.

Why is an octopus evil?

Just becoz his parents were so evil, And he was born in a very worse situation.

Is sasori really evil?

no , Sasori is not evil..he has a pure heart..he's only devastated by the death of his parents.. :(

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Her real parents are a little mean but her fake ones are really nice but they re evil

Is Mark Chang from Fairly Odd Parents Evil or Good?


Do Jehovah's Witnesses think autism is product of evil parents?

No, they do not believe that.

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Who put the nine tail fox on Naruto?

I believe that these evil people placed the nine-tailed fox on Naruto and it was so evil that it killed both of Naruto's parents.

What does it mean when your parents dream you as being the devil?

Dreams are about the dreamer. So this dream provides information about your parents, not about you. The dream, with the exaggerated imagery typical of dreams, suggests that your parents feelas if you are the embodiment of evil.

What is the name of the movie where an evil man puts kids to sleep and tells their parents that they are dreaming?


Why did dan storm off during his fight with Amy in china?

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What made Count Olaf so evil?

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In the Ring why does Samara kill?

She's just evil. In the sequel they mention how when she was a baby, she never, ever cried, which in books and movies is invariably supposed to mean that the child is totally, irrevocably evil and demonic. And when her adoptive parents rejected her because she was evil, it made her more evil. And then her adoptive mother murdered her, which made her even MORE evil. Her motives are not very complicated, but neither is pure evil, I guess.

Why did Dan storm away from Amy in a fight in china?

Because she said that their parents might have been evil?

Movies with the word evil in their title?

Evil, Root of All Evil, All About Evil, Live Evil, Resident Evil, Evil Angel, Deliver Us From Evil, See No Evil, Decadent Evil, In Evil Hour, Evil Remains( I haven't seen any of them )

Username and password codding in visual basic?

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Why did the parents explode in the movie Time Bandits?

There is no specific reason that they exploded. The only rough reason could be that they touched the piece of evil.

What is the title of that movie with 3 siblings who's parents died in a house fire and had to live with their evil uncle?

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

What does it mean to obey Allah's will?

It means to do what Allah has commanded. If Allah says pray five times a day then you pray five times a day. If Allah says fast in Ramadhan, then you fast in Ramadhan. If Allah says be kind to your parents, then you be kind to your parents. What Allah has said is good - you see it as good. What Allah has said is evil - you see it as evil.

Who is motto translates to Evil be to him who evil thinks?

If you think evil, you'll probably do evil...which makes you evil...

What happens when your parents don't let you eat?

That is child abuse if your parents are using basic nurishment as a punishment. Your parents have the responsibility to feed, clothe, educate and love you. If those basic needs are not being met, you are being abused and need to confide in a school counselor, a trusted friend or friend's parents, the police, youth pastor, etc. There are child abuse hotlines you can call and get help. Remember that God does love you - he created you especially and that abuse does not come from His comes from Evil. We are all given free will to choose between Good and Evil, and abuse comes from people's choice to do evil, not by permission of God, nor by His fault, but by free will. "Vengance is mine, says the Lord."

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Because that's probably the day that see no evil premiered or his birthday or that's the day his parents died

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