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Joseph Stalin

Why are people comparing Joseph Stalin to Mario?

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I do not believe their is any such comparison.

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When was Joseph Mario born?

Joseph Mario was born in 1888, in Moscow, Russia.

When did Joseph Mario die?

Joseph Mario died on April 27, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What has the author Mario Joseph Moussa written?

Mario Joseph Moussa has written: 'The exemplary subjectivity of Francis Bacon'

What is the birth name of Joseph Mario?

Joseph Mario's birth name is Joseph Marievsky.

What is Mario Lemieux's middle name?

Joseph Roger Mario Lemieux

Who is more famous Mario or Katy Perry?

Why are you comparing a cartoon character to a real person

Why did Stalin kill so many people?

The number of people that Stalin supposedly killed is still highly debated. Some propose the more common idea that Stalin had millions murdered, though these are citing questionable Nazi sources. Said ideas are generally propagated by those that had something to gain from spreading that idea. Others claim that such ideas are nonsense, and attempt to disprove them. Most prominently: Ludo Martens, with his book 'Another View of Stalin'; as well as Mario Sousa, with 'Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union'. No one does anything "just because they can", no matter what it is they're doing. Stalin propelled Russia forward technologically and industrially by about 75 years over the course of 10. It'd be a challenge to do that while simultaneously slaughtering the people that are required to propel the nation forward.

Is Minecraft popular than Mario?

No , Minecraft has 5,898,039 people but mario has 109,873,227,367 people !

Is Mario bros 3 the best Mario game?

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How many people like Mario?

Exactly 109,873,227,367! lol i count everyone

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