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People in Russia are not poor, nor impoverished.

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Are people in Russia rich or poor?

There are many poor people and many rich people in Russia and lots that are neither rich nor poor.

What is a proletariat in Russia?

Proletariat = workers and poor people of Russia. It is derived from French vocabulary.

Is Russia a rich or poor country?

in betteweebIt is actually both. The rich are very rich and the poor are very poor with a a small middle class. There are more poor people in Russia right now though.

Why did communism occur in Russia?

Communism occurred in Russia because people were more poor and desperate in Russia than in Britain.

Why was russia so poor before the revolution in 1914?

Russia was so poor because before the revolution there was not a lot of jobs out there until the revolution and people were changing there style

Russia is rich or poor?

Russia is rich!

Is Russia poor?


Is Russia rich?

Russia is a mix of rich and poor

What are poor countries in Russia?

russia is its own country

What is the average income in Russia?

The average income in Russia is $17,230 US dollars a year. The people of Russia that are in the top 20% earn 6x this amount, while the poor earn much less.

Is Russia a poor or rich country?

russia is a middle class country

What were the causes of the March Revolution of 1917 in Russia?

Russia was vast, 125 million people across an entire continent and it had an out-of-date farming economy: desperately poor.

Is Russia poor or rich?


How were the conditions in Russia for the people under the Czar?

Russia had suffered greatly under the rule of the czars. Peasants, or poor farmers, in particular had few rights and lived in poverty.

Why is Russia poor?

Russia is not poor,it has always been middle class. This is because of it's natural resources,land,population,attractions and history.

Is Russia a rich or poor nation?

Middle Class.

What were the poor peasant farmers of Russia called?


Is Russia a rich country or a poor country?

Russia is rich in terms of government, however, its citizens are not as well off. The citizens of Russia do not make enough to be considered rich, but they are definitely not poor (the GDP per capita of Russia is more than 1.5x the world average).

What is the difference between rich and poor people?

the difference between rich and poor people is that poor people are poor and rich people are rich

Is Russia a poor country?

Russia is just a developing country in IMF and WB lists.The net wealth per capita in 2011 was just 8200 $ ,1/23 of the net wealth for istance of an italian citizen.Yes,Russia is a poor country.

Was lenin a poor leader to the people of russia?

The answer is no, he had a vision put it into action it worked but it was not right for Russia at the time they were simply not ready for his changes because the country was backward compared to other western countries in many ways

What was Russia like before world war 2?

Very poor.

What was the social structure that existed in Russia during the 1800s?

rich and poor

Are the Malawi poor?

Lots of people in Malawi are poor but there are people who are not poor and some that are rich.

What is unique to Russia?

People who live in Russia

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