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because even the scientist get to use the same tech we do.

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Q: Why are people more affected by technology than science?
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Which is more effective science or technology?

Short answer: neither Long answer: Science and technology are interdependent of each other. Science relies on technology to progress, and technology relies on science to do the same.

Is science technology making people healthy?

Science and technology can only help create tools that allow people to be more healthy. Weather or not a person is healthy comes down to personal choices and lifestyle.

What is the effect of science and technology in our life?

Science and technology can connect people. Technology can make people more productive. Technology can empower people to create their own platform. But we have to be very focused at how we use technology because it can suck the energy out of us. Try not to use technology after 6 pm for a better sleep (at least turn off all screens).

How has communication technology affected the world economy?

by letting computers do all the work and there are no more jobs for people to do out there

Why is technology important to science?

technology is important to science, because it helps the numbers in science come out more accurate and easier.

What role does science and technology play in the environment?

Basically, Science and technology today helps the environment of man to be a lot more easier. It gives convenience and such discoveries made with science and technology provides the people with current explanations to different phenomenons in the environment today.

How has science and technology advanced medicine?

science- led to a greater understanding technology- let to more discoveries

How has technology affected tourism industry in Kenya?

people forget theyre iphones etc and that more tech init

How new technology is affecting organisational structures?

Because new technology lightens up the work. It does not need more people thus the organizational structure will be affected.

How did science and technology produce innovative machines?

With advances in science and technology people were able to find ways to make machinery more effective and more economy friendly. Because of these two factors people could create more and more machines which boosted the economy, which therefore funded research for even more effective machines, and on and on.

When science is applied to improve peoples lives it is called?

technology... because it takes science knowledge to apply it to technology and technology helps people.

How has technology affected farming?

Technology has affected farming by making it possible for fewer people to grow more crops per acre, at lower cost than would otherwise be the case. Technology has also contributed to the decline of the family farm and the rise of large corporate farms that are more like farming factories.