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Most public schools do not have a week that they are closed in February. Schools in a certain region may not have had school for something special that was happening in that particular area.

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Q: Why are public schools closed for one week in February?
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How do you know how many schools were closed a previous week?

To find out how many schools were closed a previous week, you could look in that week's newspapers for schools that were closed in your area.

What dates are the schools closed for Whitsun week?

The dates schools are closed for Whitsun week will be determined by each school system. To find out what dates your school is closed, look on your school calendar if you have one, visit your school's website, or ask your teacher.

Is dickson county schools closed tommarro?

Yes for a week actually

What month are schools closed?

Schools in the United States are usually closed part or all of June, all of July, and part of August. Most schools are closed between Christmas and the day after New Years Day, and for a week in either March or early April. There are some schools that have school year round, so the times they are closed vary from this.

Were New York City schools closed on Monday December 27 2010 because of the snow?

Virtually (if not literally) ALL of the schools, both public and private, were on winter break that week (Monday, December 27, 2010 through Friday, December 31, 2010). All of the public schools had winter break from December 24 through December 31. December 31 is a Friday, so the public schools did't have classes again until Monday, January 3. The private schools had different winter break schedules, but all of them were off all that week for sure.

When is Christmas break for nyc public schools?

Usually the week where Christmas is happy

Is Quezon City hall open this holy week?

All public sector offices are closed during public holidays.

How do you know how many schools have been closed because of snow in the past week?

To find out how many schools have closed in the past two months in your area, you can look in local newspapers to research when schools were cliosed. You may also be able to get that information by asking staff at the main office of each school district you are interested in knowing when they were closed.

Will schools be closed down from swine flu if so for how long and when?

Schools will close down if it has 5 confirmed cases they will give all pupils of the school medication and should be closed of a minimum of a week while they decontamenate the school

When schools have off presidents week 2011?

Feb 21st to the 25th (third Monday of February)

Are schools open on presidents day?

Schools could be closed for presidential inaugurations because the administrators of the schools make the schedule each year; however, it would be rare for schools to close on inauguration day.

When is Catholic schools week in 2010?

I believe it's the last week in January, going into February. A little later than most years.