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Q: Why are scientist also great inventors?
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Filipino and foreign scientist inventories?

Angel Alcala is a Filipino inventor of artificial coral reefs and Benjamin Almeda is also a Filipino inventor who built a machine that process foods. Galileo was also an inventor, he builds his own telescope and Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who invented a modern microscope are some of the foreign inventors.

Which scientist invented the most inventions?

That would be hard to tell, also a lot of fruitful inventors weren't scientists in the classic way. I would suggest that you would refer to Inventors in your search, also because the concepts of science and Innovations are historically different, if only by the fact that technology evolves by economical needs. or like the famous line "necessity is the mother of invention" would that be an answer? by the way it was quoted by one -William Shakespeare who is known for the most invented words in English by one person. Some examples of individuals who are famous as inventors would be: Archimedes, Leonardo de Vinci, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison,Nicola Tesla.

What is the name of the scientist who developed hundreds of products made from peanuts?

That great peanut scientist was named George Washington Carver.

How many inventors are in the world?

Very good question. Depending on what is being "invented" will determine the number of inventors. If an idea is considered an invention, then there are as many inventors as there are people :) But if if you wondering how many inventors there are concerning the "Slap Chop", there are probably around 4 or 5.

Where do inventors work?

i would say inventors work in labs or large rooms where there is a lot of space.

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How have information and technology revolutionized today?

it was revolutionized by the creators and scientist inventors

Can you give me names of foreign inventors and scientist?

try to search on

Who was a great scientist?

great scientist

Who is the most famous Filipino scientist?

I would say Angel Alcala. This is the only Filipino Scientist that I know of, and it's one of the top Filipino Scientists\Inventors.

What was Benjamin Franklin a model for?

for people to be great inventors

Who were the inventors of the helicopter?

De great leanardo da vinci

What make Isaac Newton great?

yes hes a great scientist. cuz he discovered gravity. also look up the law of gravity. he sucked me up too-marian elizabeth may19,1863.

Are scientist and inventors the same thing?

Generally speaking, no. A scientist is someone who studies scientific theories or principles. An inventor is someone who invents things. Some particular scientist might invent something, but the definition of the two words is different.

Albert enistein is a great scientist in the world?

No, Einstein WAS a great scientist in the world.

What great inventors have been awarded the Gordon Bell Prize?


What are some ancient roman inventors?

some of their inventors are Judelio he invented the screw also Melophites and he invented the colliseum

Father of systems auricle medicine is who?

Chinese physican also great scientist Xu chongming.