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Sheep are not covered with cotton. Sheep are covered with wool, as in all over the body.

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Does cotton help the environment?

No it damages it. Think about the poor sheep. What iks the relevance of sheep to cotton? And what is the evidence that cotton damages the environment?

Is cotton made out of sheep?

...are you serious?...have you ever heard of a cotton plant? hahaha. the answer is no, wool comes from sheep. cotton comes from a plant.

Does cotton come from sheep?


Do sheep have wool or cotton?

they grow wool, cotton is a plant that is grown

What is a sheep covered with?


What is cotton wool made out of?

cotton wool is made out of a sheep from a farm x

How do you get wool silk and cotton?

wool from sheep, cotton from the cotton plant and silk from the silk worm (a butterfly)

What part of a sheep is it's fleece?

The fleece is the wool that the sheep is covered in.

If you are allergic to sheep can you wear cotton?

You should be able to - sheep produce wool which is a natural fibre. Cotton is also a natural fibre but it is plant based.

What are some natural resources to make a sweater?

wool from sheep ... cotton from the cotton plant ....

Where does cotton wool come from?

It comes from sheep(animal).

Where does Quicksilver get their Cotton to make clothing?

they get it from India from sheep

How did pilgrims make their clothes?

Cotton and sheep wool.

what is wool and cotton?

Wool is made from the hair of sheep, and cotton is the fiber from a certain variety of plant

What are baby birds covered in at first?

baby birds are covered in cotton

What animal do you get cotton from?

Cotton comes from a plant, not an animal. we get wool from sheep though, which at first glance might look like cotton.

Is the Webkinz cotton candy sheep in the Webkinz estore?

yes the cotten cady sheep is at the ganz estore.

Is wool and cotton the same?

No. Wool comes from sheep; cotton is grown on a bush. Wool is a protein fiber, and cotton is a natural/seed fibers

What is the difference between wool and cotton?

cotton and wool are both natural products but come from different places. Cotton comes from a cotton plant and wool comes from sheep.

What is farmed most in Australia?

Sheep, wheat, cotton, beef,

What animal eat plants and is covered with wool?

A sheep.

Which animal eats the bighorn sheep and the cotton tail rabbit?

The animal that eats a cotton tile is a snake and wools.

How do sheep help people today?

Sheep help us by giving us wool to make cotton and knitting yarn.

Did the native Americans use cotton or wool?

the native Americans did not have sheep

What material can you make out of sheep fur?

Wool and cotton but mostly wool.

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