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the smaller the wheel the lesser the weight, the mousetrap car would go faster,

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Q: Why are smaller wheels better for a mousetrap car?
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What is the purpose of wheels on a mousetrap car?

because the wheel make the mousetrap go forward but without the wheels the mousetrap stays in one place

Where does the mousetrap go on a mousetrap powered car?

you want to place your mousetrap as far away from the back wheels as possible

How many wheels should a mousetrap car have?


Why are small wheels bad for a mousetrap car?

Larger wheels have a larger diameter. Therefor, they will cover a greater distance per rotation of the driven axle, compared to a smaller wheel.

What are good front wheels for a mousetrap car?

the best wheels for your mousetrap car are CD's because when your car takes off the wheels will spin and send your car into a foward rolling motion also the CD's are light soo it will help you win your science award:)

How does a mousetrap car function?

By transferring the spring energy to the drive wheels.

What materials needed for a mousetrap car?

duct tape, mousetrap, wheels ( anything), pliers, end hooks, pop bottle ends,

How does the distribution of the weight of the mousetrap car affect the traction of the wheels?

The more weight over the drive wheels, the more traction.

How do you make a mousetrap car go far?

Use Cd's as wheels to make less friction

What bearings will work better on a mousetrap car and why?

u tell me

Why are big wheels better for a mousetrap car?

Because the axle is moving just as many rotations but since the wheels are bigger it's moving a greater distance. Because it's a big wheel, after all the string is gone, the wheels keep moving, which lets your car coast a longer distance.

How does the size and shape of wheels affects the speed of a mousetrap powered toy car?

It is depended on the shape of the wheels to determine how much friction is applied.